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There are many instances where genealogical research is needed for "due diligence" purposes to account for, and determine if any rightful heirs or beneficiaries exist that are unknown to an estate or trust.

Also, estate attorneys, personal representatives, administrators, executors, or trustees often need to locate specific heirs or beneficiaries (often estranged family members) whose identities are known, but whose current whereabouts are unknown.

As a certified paralegal, and a licensed and insured private investigator with specialized genealogical training, I can provide the necessary services to account for and locate such people, and provide due diligence affidavits, or court testimony, if needed.

Fees are based on the information provided, and the type of search authorized, and are not based on the size of an estate. Reasonable hourly rates, flat fees, or a combination of these are available depending on the type and scope of research.

I also can locate former property owners, and/or identify their heirs for "diligent search" purposes in quiet title and reversion investigations, and oil and gas rights matters. I can assist professional genealogists, amateur family historians and reunion organizers locate living relatives or descendants.

Please EMAIL, or call for a confidential, no obligation consultation. A CV and references are available by request.